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Toyota transmissions, especially automatic transmissions, have common symptoms that tell you that your transmission is in need of a repair, or at least a diagnostic by a trained mechanic. The most common are a loss of power, slow shifting from second to third gear, or a slow shift from park to first gear, hard shifting from a higher gear to a lower gear, or reverse gear stops working. While wear and tear can cause these problems, they can also be caused by the electrical or computer system of the automatic transmission. Toyotas can have computer problems and the computer system needs to be re flashed or updated. If your engine lights up on your dashboard that means that an error occurred. When you take your car to a mechanic they will attach a computer into the car's system, duplicate the failure and get an error code that will tell them just what happened. When your car does need a repair you should consider an established transmission repair shop with a reputation for honesty.

Reliable Transmissions has been in the business of transmission repair for over 55 years. toyota transmissionWe have decades of experience dealing with Toyota transmissions. Our mechanics and technicians have experience in diagnosing and repairing Honda manual and standard/manual transmissions and regularly work on Corolla, Camry, Tacoma, Venza, and other Toyota models.

When you bring your Toyota transmission to Reliable you can have confidence that we will only use high quality OEM parts built to Toyota's specifications and back up our work with a year warranty and the option to extend it to 2 or 3 years. Reliable is a one stop repair shop for all your Toyota transmission problems. Our trained mechanics diagnose transmissions with state of the art tools and software, and repair or install rebuilt Toyota transmissions.

rebuilt toyota transmissionsIf you own a Toyota that is already several years old it is important to make sure its transmission is working. If you notice any leaks, noises or problems with shifting gears those might be signs of transmissions problems. Once transmission parts start to wear out and fail they can cause even more damage. Don't wait until the car stops moving but fix it early and save money.

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