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How to Maintain your Transmission
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Some simple steps can maintain your transmission so it will last longer.

Maintenance Suggestions for your Auto Transmission
Modern Auto transmissions are extremely sensitive to dirt and foreign particles. The only sure way to get the most value for your money and avoid expensive transmission problems for your auto is to always do a complete transmission service no matter if your transmission is brand new or used.

To maintain your Auto Transmission, Follow this check-list:

  1. Check your auto's transmission fluid every month. It should stay full and red.
  2. Change the fluid and filter in your automatic transmission every 25,000 miles.
  3. In hot weather, if your car is overheating, put the heat on; it will use the heater water to help cool the engine. Check your auto's transmission fluid, if it is discolored have it changed.
  4. In winter weather, if you're stuck on an ice patch or snow, don't rev your engine and spin your wheels or rock your car.
  5. If you have an overdrive transmission don't use it when there is ice or snow on the road.
  6. If you need to drive slowly, or slow down, it is preferable to downshift to the next lower gear.
  7. If you do not have ABS brakes, when you are on ice or snow and stopping, pump your brakes slowly. Do not push hard on the brake peddle.
Replacing your auto's transmission fluid without changing the filter can actually cause transmission damage. We also recommend performing a total fluid replacement. High detergent oil can loosen dirt and debris in your transmission system and recirculate throughout -- causing damage or even failure of your transmission. Old oil is acidic and can destroy the best filter media, be it felt or wire mesh. One or more of the thousands of parts in your transmission can fail simply because the filter cannot do its job. We change the filter every time we change the fluid on our transmissions.

Each manufacturer recommends a schedule of regular maintenance to keep your automatic transmission working and to check for wearing out of parts. For example, BMW recommends a maintenance check every 100,000 miles. But if you own a Dodge Caravan and drive it in difficult conditions such as snow or mountains then you need to check the transmission every 20,000 miles. You should consider changing your fluid and filter every 25,000 or 30,000 miles.

You can check the fluid level by examining the dipstick. Some cars do not have dipstick which means you need to check the fill plug which is usually located on the transmission.
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